Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cognitive Resistance

Imagine that you are holding two strong magnets, one in each hand.  The positive ends are facing each other.  Now, imagine the resistance you feel when you try to touch the positive ends to each other.  As you bring them closer, the force of the like poles pushes them apart.  With persistence and great effort you may succeed in holding them together but it takes constant  vigilance to keep them that way. 

That is what it's like when I'm trying to start a task.  It's not that I lack the skills to accomplish the task, it's that my mind is repelled from the starting point as if an invisible force is pushing it away.  The starting steps are almost within my grasp, just beyond my fingertips but the closer I get, the stronger the resistance is.

My goal is to reverse the polarity of one of those magnets so I can spend all my energy completing the tasks instead of exhausting myself trying to push the magnets together.

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