Saturday, March 12, 2016

Where to Begin?

That is the question most of us with ADHD find particularly hard to answer.  Beginnings are tough. Where did my journey begin?  I'll spare you the formative years and jump in with a journal entry I wrote shortly before my diagnosis.  To be fair, I was also dealing with un-diagnosed hyperparathyroidism which made my ADHD symptoms even worse.

A Typical Monday Afternoon:

11:30 - I forgot to pack my lunch again so I'm standing in the cafeteria looking at all of the options and can't decide what to get...

12:00 - I resume working on an approval routing project.  Where did I leave off?
I am so tired!  I need coffee so I go downstairs and get some.  That didn't work.  Perhaps I should take a walk.  No... that backfired this morning because I saw an American Kestrel catch a small bird and that's all I could think of when I came back to my desk... I think about the Kestrel for a while,  It was such an awesome sight!
Push paper around, check email, do anything BUT work on the approval routing project.

FOCUS!!! Where should I start?
I begin making a list of things I still need to do.
An email arrives, so I check email and respond to it.  As usual it takes me 10 minutes to compose my response.

Back to the making the list.  This is soooo boring!
Another email arrives so I  take care of it.
Back to my list

Check the front lawn for bunnies (yes, real bunnies, they are so cute and soooo distracting!)
Finish the list and start working on the first item, which is to research a routing bug.

This is really boring...
Thoughts from out of the blue: "I was rude to one of my co-workers this morning.  Did he notice the impatient tone in my voice? Should I apologize? Would it be weird to apologize this long after the fact?"
Fret about what I should do for a while.

Time for eye drops.
Back to work.  I'm making good progress, then the phone rings.  It's a user with a question that requires some research.  I find the answer and call the user back.
Where was I???

I'm done with the code changes for this section and need to do some testing.
I resist the urge to get up and move around and make a list of the test steps.
I start the test, but forgot the password for my test user account.
Look for password.
Email arrives so I check email and respond.

I finally find the password ... where was I?
Start testing again.  Which account was I using for the Approval step?
Resume testing and have issues with the browser.
Back to testing... wait... which account is the Approver?  Good grief, why didn't I write that down!
Find a post-it and write the account name on it.

I'm making good progress on testing when I have an issue with one of the test email accounts.  Argh!  I finally got my focus and now this happens!
Fixed issue with email.
Speaking of email... read and respond to email.
Resume testing.

Time to go home!

Sound familiar, anyone?


  1. Oh yes it does! Sound familiar. I get so easy distracted! But I think creative people do... At least I consider myself creative. I hope other people do too. I know that you are!

  2. Jill, you are definitely creative, and yes, a lot of creative people are easily distracted, I think that's part of where we get our inspiration. Everything is so terribly interesting!
    Thanks so much for commenting.